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Welcome Back to Hadaf Persian School

Registration Date:Enrolment and Registration for Academic Year 2022-2023 will be started on Saturday 10th September 2022 at 12.30 pm at:

Location 1: Hadaf Persian School, Woodhouse College, Woodhouse Road, Finchley, London, N12 9EY, and classes will be started on the same day at 1.30 pm. School Fees: Pre-school & Primary classes: £150 per term, Secondary School: Pre-GCSE: £180 and GCSE & A-Level Stages: £190 per term for Location 1.

Location 2 at: Harris Academy St Johns Wood, Marlborough Hill, London, NW8 0NL, Enrolment and Registration will be on Saturday 10th September 2022 at 9.30 am. School Fees: Pre-school & Primary classes: £170 per term, and for Secondary GCSE course Fee is £190 per term.

Maths Classes: Also Hadaf school is ready to support children in Maths lessons up to A - level on request on separate fees.

Email:hadaffarsischool@yahoo.co.uk or hadafpersianschool@hotmail.co.uk Please contact us: on: 077 2371 3266 or 0745 325 25 80 for any enquiry.

Note 1: All fees are due within two weeks of the term beginning. Late payments will be disqualify clients from any discount and pupils may be withdrawn from class.

Note 2: All parents need to come to school to collect their chilren at 4.30 pm, as Hadaf Persian School has commitment to submit the classes to Woodhouse College straight away after 4.30 pm every Saturday, as Hadaf Persian School classes time begins from 1.30 to 4.30 pm every Saturday and our Half Terms Holidays are same as English Schools and are been stated in our Academic Programs on the Home Page.

The Management Board: Mrs. Emami, Mrs. Fattahi and Mrs. Zomorodian

Our Students enjoy themselves in the celebration we had in the end of the Academic Year 2018-2019 last summer:


Congratulations to Hadaf Persian School for their Silver and Bronze Award for their Standards in Education

Bronz AwardSilver


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به مدرسه ایرانی هدف خوش آمدید

Welcome back to Hadaf Persian School Academic Year 2022-23

ضمن تقدیم تبریک های صمیمانه و قلبی کادر آموزشی و هیآت مدیره مدرسه ایرانی هدف به دانش آموزان مرحله جی سی اس ای و پیش دامشگاهی سال تحصیلی 2021-22 که همگی به نتایج درخشام و عالی دست یافتند و باعث افتخار ما و خانواده های خود شدند و همچنینموجب دلگرمی و افتخار مدرسه ایرانی هدف گشتند و برای همه انها آرزوی موفقیت بیشتر در تحصیلات دانشگاهی خود داریم و اکنون اعلام شروع ثبت نام برای سال تحصیلی جدید 2022-23 را میداریم

در سال تحصیلی جدید 2022-23 کلاسهای حضوری آموزش زیان شیرین فارسی در هر دو شعبه (مدرسه ایرانی هدف) از تاریخ شنبه 10 سپتامبر 2022 شزوع خواهد شد و برای ثبت نام فرزندان عزیز خود جهت یادگیری زبان مادری بطور منظم و اصولی از مرحله پیش دبستانی تا دریافت مدرک (جی سی اس ای و پیش دانشگاهی)اقدام فرمایید

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Welcome Back to Hadaf Persian School in the new academic year 2021-22

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