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Welcome back to School - Academic Year 2022-23

Hadaf Persian School would like to sincerely saying a very big "Thank you" to all Parents who attended or to even those who could not attend the Special Celebration that your Children have had for Eid Nowrooz, the Iranian New Year 1392 on 16th March 2013 in Hadaf Persian School at: Woodhouse College, Woodhouse Road, Finchley, London, NW12 9EY. To see parts of Hadaf Persian School Celebration Cermony of Nowrooz 1392 please see below as We prepared a photographical and video report that showing your children's artistcal works for this Great Occaion:

Videos: To see the brief report of Hadaf Persian School Celebration in the Occation of Nowrooz 1392, please Click Here To hear and see one of Hadaf Persian School Students playing Tar Music during Nowrooz 1392 Celebration, please Click Here

Photos: Please enjoy looking to these great works of your children in Hadaf Persian School Celebration for Nowrooz 1392 New Year on the School site

Both photos below from left showing Hadaf Persian School's Students reciting the Iranian National Anthem in the start of Nowrooz 1392 Celebration, next photo showing students' Families and Audience encoureging their childen, the right side photo showing the Head Teache Mrs. Emami and Haji Firooz and Amu Nowrooz presenting gifts to the winners:

Iranian National Anthem by Hadaf StudentsNational Anthem by Hadaf School studentsFamilies and AudiencePresenting gifts

Both photos below from left showing Year One pupils reciting the "Haft Seen" Song and the right photos below showing "Jamsheed Shah" who was the Founder and the starter of Nowrooz Cermony in Iran from more than 2500 years ago in a play by Hadaf Persian School Students on the 16th of March 2013 for begining of the Iranian New Year 1392 (The first 14 days of Every New Year is called Eid Nowrooz)

Year one Year oneJamsheed ShahJamshee Shah starting Nowrooz

Two Left photos below showing the students in a Folkloric traditional Dance to the huge audience on 16th of March 2013 For Nowrooz 1392 Celebration, the two right photos showing "Haji Firooz" a traditional personality of Nowrooz having a happy performance and the audience sharing his song,

Traditional Dance by Hadaf StudentsTrational Dance by Hadaf StudentsHaji Firooz ShowHaji Firooz Show

The left bleow photo showing A Play named "Free Class" by Hadaf Persian School Students, the two next photos showing a paly by mixed of different classes of Hadaf Persian School Students Called "Nane Sarma" means: "Mother Cold Weather", The right photo showing a Nice Piano Performance by a Year 5 Student and

Free Class PlayAmu Nowrooz and Neneh SarmaNaneh Sarma ShowHadaf Student playing Piano

The two mid photos showing "Amu Nowrooz" another tradtional Pesonality of the Happy Eid of Nowrooz like Santa in Christmas The right below photo showing a Year 2 Pupil declaiming a text describing The Start of Spring Season on coming Nowrooz,

Nowrooz Painting by Hadaf PupilsAmu Nowrooz presenting gifts to childrenAmu Nowrooz ShowYear Two Hadaf Pupil declaiming

The Letft photo below showing a Year 5 student plays Gitar Music and the next photo showing the Head Teacher and the Group of Free Class encoureged by the Audience, the next photo showing another Year 5 student playing Tar music, the right side photo a group of students encoureged by the Audience after their interesting Tradional Dance.

Hadaf Student playing GitarAudience encourging PlayersHadaf Student playing TarAudience encourging Students

The Left photo below showing a performance with Flut by a Year 4 Student, Mid and the right side photos showing the Iranian Traditional Handicrafts

Flut performance by Hadaf studentIranian Handi CraftIranian Handi CraftsIranian Handi Crafts

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